Word for Our Church

This past Sunday, I shared some words that I felt the Lord say to me.  I wanted to repeat them to you because I believe we need to hear it.

The word is for all who would have ears to hear and eyes to see.  The word is to focus on establishing the LORDSHIP of Jesus in ALL AREAS of your life.  Begin to learn and to experience what it means to be FULLY DEPENDENT on the Lord and to live in relationship with Him.  As you grow in the IMAGE of Christ, the Lord will release you and use you to experience greater things for his kingdom.  Allow GOD’S WORD to define you! Allow GOD’S SPIRIT to mode you!  Be in the Word and allow His words to speak His truth over you.  Read His words for you yourselves and STOP relying on people.  DO NOT RELY on the words of people to make you feel good about yourself.  But allow God himself, through the Scriptures, express to you his heart.   God has demonstrated through his son, Jesus, how much HE LOVES YOU.  God cannot love you anymore than he was already shown you.  RECEIVE his love for you.  Stop relying on people.  Some of you are relying on others for your SELF WORTH, your IDENTITY, and your SIGNIFICANCE.  It is VERY DANGEROUS to see and to use our earthly human relationships to establish and to define who we are, our purpose and our significance in life.  There are some of you who are relying on the opinions and the words of others to define your self worth and your significance.

These words are an exhortation but also an encouragement for you to BE ROOTED in Christ, to stand by HIS word over your life, and to live according to the Spirit of God who is in you and is a seal of His life in you.  Heed to the voice of the Spirit, not your flesh or resist with your pride.

May these words encourage you to align with God’s will and desire for you.  Stand firm in the Lord.  He is our firm foundation.