TWYG Bible Study Review

For those who couldn’t make it to Bible study this past Wednesday, I hope you were still able to do some of the homework.  And for being absent, you’re going to have to do 3 chapters for next Wednesday.  Just download the homework sheet and complete one for each chapter (2, 4, & 5).  For those who were present, you did such a great job, and I wouldn’t want any of you to fall behind, so you should do all 3 chapters as well. 🙂

Here are some highlights that were discussed from Daniel 1:

1.  Daniel and his friends were about 15-18 years old when they were taken captive, but they did not allow their youth be an excuse for being weak against the influences of their ungodly teacher.  They remained faithful to God even though everything around them told them to forget who they were and to adopt the ways of their new world.

2.  Holiness means to be morally clean on the inside, to be set apart for God.  We saw that Daniel and his friends were indeed set apart for God.  They may have been forced to learn a new language, adopt a new culture, used heathen names given to them, and live and work among people who did not believe in the one true God, but their internal compass always pointed to God.  They sought to please the one true God, not their new surroundings.  As you live and work in this secular world, you will also be bombarded by secular and ungodly influences, but if your faith is strong, your compass will always point to God.  

3.  Daniel and his friends were small compared to the powerful Babylonian empire and its powerful king Nebuchadnezzar.  It must have been extremely difficult to practice their faith against such oppositions, but they knew that their God, who created the entire universe, is more powerful than any earthly kings.  

4.  Even though the people and Israel and Judah were suppose to be God’s special people, they betrayed that special relationship by adopting the evil practices of the people around them.  They started worshiping idols instead of the true God.  In essence, they because no different than anyone else, so God gave them over to Nebuchadnezzar.

As you begin to read chapters 2, 4, 5, do not despair if you do not understand all the details, as they are quite difficult.  Begin by praying for the Holy Spirit to help you understand and to help you see the lesson that He wants you to learn.  

I was quite impressed by the different view points and the different lessons that each of you got out of Chapter 1.  Looking forward to our next meeting.

Chan & Jenny