Cambodia Team at the Airport

Here are pictures of the team as they prepare to depart at LAX for Battambang, Cambodia.  The team consists of Rhodalynn Jetton, Godwin Chua, John Chan, Linda Wang, Tatiana Assemian, Jamie Guan, Jennifer Guan, and Stacy Guan.  They will be in Battambang until they return on August 21.

The Guan sisters and their 3 luggages.

The team before checking in their luggage.

Tatiana and her sisters to see her off.

Godwin… he is excited!!!

Waiting at the food court before departure.

Rhodalynn and Godwin making this amazing trip together!

One big good-bye hug to Auntie Lily before we go.

Amy, also here to see everyone off.

The Cambodia Team – Summer of 2010