JK (Jennifer Kwan) is Back

Dear Family & Friends, 

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support this month during the China Outreach!  God did some redeeming in my heart regarding my roots, which was a personal thing I see that He really wanted to work in me through my first trip to China.  At the same time I was so gracious to be able to see first-hand what God is doing in that nation.  Most of the Chinese believers I met had been Christians for only two years or less.  And a significant amount of those believers came to know Christ through missionaries.  In my heart I believe this is a reflection of how fast God is transforming the people in China.  While my team was there, we got to teach the Word of God.  We were so blessed to be a part of what the Holy Spirit is doing in China.  God definitely has a powerful and active force moving there.  The devotion of the Chinese believers is incredible and it is amazing how quickly the people there are coming to know Jesus.  I felt that there was a greater sense of freedom in China to Christianity than I originally expected.  There are restrictions, but Chinese people are more able to openly be Christians and freely pursue their faith compared to just ten or twenty years ago.  I can see perhaps it came to be this way because of the devotion & prayers of believers in China and around the world over the years.  

During our month on outreach our main objective was to to teach pastors, seminary students, and believers how to study the Bible inductively.  It was a blessing to impart the knowledge God gave us this year to others.  There were opportunities for us to preach at churches as well.  We also got to teach English at English corners, which were great opportunities to share about Jesus to others.  Some more Chinese came to accept Jesus as their Lord in that ministry during our short time there.  And in our free time, we got to spend quality time outside of the ministry setting with some of our new Chinese friends to encourage them in their faith and/or teach curious ones more about Jesus.  

Though God has it all under control in China, I and the team felt so blessed that He had us be a part of what He is doing.  He is touching the hearts of the Chinese people on a very deep level.  With the Holy Spirit working so strongly & rapidly in that nation it is going to be awesome to see how much more God will transform China in coming years.  Thank you all again so much for investing your hearts into China.  God is totally working there and used our prayers & efforts together to continue to advance what 

He is doing!