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Vinepower 2018 – Deeper

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Our annual Vinepower Retreat this year was in Big Bear Lake, Ca. We had a wonderful time together with a team from the Unified… family in Hawaii that led us into a deeper time together with the Lord and with one another. As we are now back home, the Lord is continuing to nurture what the He has been doing in our midst to heal and to restore us into wholeness.

Vinepower 2017

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Vinepower 2017 took place at the Ayres Hotel Ontario Mills. A small group of us gathered to worship and be led by the Spirit in a time of renewing our identity in Christ, getting rid of the old and allowing the Lord to speak afresh to each one of us. In affirming this, we performed a prophetic act in which we took part in a group baptism in which we died to the old and rise up to anew. We believe just as Jesus was loved and affirmed by God the Father at His baptism, we too received afresh the Father’s love and affirmation over us as His sons and daughters.

Vinepower 2016

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Our Vinepower 2016 in Big Bear were held once again at Phil’s Bear Caves cabin rentals during the July 4th weekend. Here are some pictures to highlight our time together.



Vinepower 2015

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Vinepower this year was up at Big Bear in the rental facilities of Phillip Yin. We had the opportunity to come together as a family of God to share our lives, and to encourage, and support one another in Christ Jesus. We worshipped, played, hiked, ate and just enjoyed being together and allow God to help us connect deeper with one another.




Special Gathering

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Pastor Peter Han from Israel shared an important message for the Body of Christ at this hour especially to the Asian churches. It’s time to wake up from complacency in the Church and to align our hearts with what God is doing in the nations notably Asia. As the Asian diaspora, we have an important role to play in supporting and participating with what God is doing in Asia to bring the Gospel back to Jerusalem and to prepare the Bride for the Lord’s imminent return. We are in the last hour, and we can discern it by what we see in the world and according to His Word. God will use the remnant church to fulfill His strategies at this hour. It may not be the mainline churches but those who would be willing to lay down their agendas and be used by the Lord for His purposes.

Vinepower 2014

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Our Vinepower Retreat this year was a special time unlike previous experiences. There was much freedom, unity, joy, encouragement as we experienced the presence of the Lord with us.

Vinepower 2013 – Being the Family of God

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We had a wonderful time together at this year’s Vinepower sharing and experiencing what it means to be the family of God.  We went back to Pine Summit at Big Bear Lake for a weekend of fun, tears, laughter, and drawing close to God and one another.











Christmas Program – “The Missing List”

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Come celebrate Christmas with us on Sunday, December 23 as we present “The Missing List” beginning at 10:30 am.  It’s a fun, creative twist to the message of Christmas.  We will also be serving lunch immediately following our Christmas program.

Vinepower 2012 – “Above and Beyond”

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Vinepower 2012 “Above and Beyond” was exactly that.  God’s presence was with us and our time together was amazing.  The Lord continued to knit our hearts together as a family and the Holy Spirit took us to new heights to see His kingdom perspective from above in what is happening in the world and specifically China.  He is giving us a new heart.  Pastors Daniel and Lucy Cheung along with Lucy Yong and Judy Jung facilitated our time.  We had workshops for prophetic ministry, song writing, and SOZO.  Our Music Ministry team led us to anointed times of worship with the Lord, and we celebrated the baptisms of Van Wang and Kimberly Tien.  Once again, we praise God for our 25th anniversary and we thank everyone who helped to make our time a blessed one.


Do you want to experience the wholeness that Christ desires for you? Imagine living full of purpose and truly partnering with the Holy Spirit in your everyday life. Imagine what God could birth in and through you! Last year we began to learn what it means to soar together as the Body of Christ. We saw individuals rising up and taking their places in the Body. This year expect more training and empowerment as we continue to function together. Come and allow the wind of the Spirit to carry and enable you to soar above and beyond.

Speakers: Pastors Daniel and Lucy Cheung are dear friends of Branches.  They both serve on the pastoral team of the Church of Zion in Vancouver. Pastors Daniel, Lucy, and their team want to see the Church flourish as one to fulfill God’s purposes.

Graduation Celebration

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Congratulations again to this year’s graduates David Eng, Jonathan Zapata, Michael Eng, Kayla Wu, and Stacey Lau.