Branches’ Theme for 2010

As our Church Leadership confirmed together by the leading of the Holy Spirit, our theme for 2010 is “Building a Relational Community in Christ.”  We know that we cannot accomplish the vision God has for Branches without a healthy and alive relational community.

You cannot passionately love God whom you cannot see if you do not love a brother whom you can see.

You cannot mature in Christ if you are not willing to obey His commands to love one another.

The world will not know that we are His disciples if we do not have love for one another.

The word of God found in 1 John 1-5 serves not only as the basis for our theme for this year, but also the framework by which we will teach and preach and actively live out God’s heart and desire for His church.

Building” – The intentional activity, program, or process needed to nurture or establish into being.  It takes work.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It is a process.

Relational” – The dynamic of being connected with God and with one another that fosters growth and maturity.  Our Christian faith is not meant to be lived out individually but in relationship both vertically and horizontally. 

Community” – The idea of a ‘peoples’ belonging to God through whom He speaks and works to carry out His purposes on earth.  As Christians, we are blessed to be a blessing.  This is our purpose, not that we have anything in of ourselves to be superior than others.

In Christ” – The central focus of why we exist and through whose power and authority we function.