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Jonathan Kwok Serving in Lesotho

Posted on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 in Announcements, People Abroad  |  Print

Jonathan Kwok is in the Peace Corps for the next 27 months in the country of Lesotho in southern Africa. He will be involved in education, HIV/AIDS awareness, and community development. Please pray for him as he makes this transition and become accustomed to the life and culture of the people and the land. You can follow his blog on

Medical Mission

Posted on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 in Missions and Outreach, People Abroad  |  Print

Once again, a team from Branches joined Mosaic as they headed to Ensenada, Mexico to provide medical care to the people.  Kyle Ma, Kristin Chang, and Kimberly Tien went this past Memorial Day weekend.

Latest from the Ongkilis

Posted on Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 in Missions and Outreach, People Abroad  |  Print

Hello Everyone!

Greetings from both Malaysia and Canada!  Yes, that is because Alex is in Malaysia and Jesse and I are in Canada.

We’ve had a wonderful time in Malaysia.  We walked through many exciting doors that the Lord opened.  Our plan was for all three of us to return to Vancouver on the 20th but last minute we changed Alex’s ticket so he could stay back in Malaysia an extra ten days.  This is because there was a leaders’ Gathering scheduled for the end of this month that we thought was  important for Alex to attend.  Once we changed his ticket, several new speaking engagements opened up for Alex so there were plenty of exciting confirmations that this was the right move.

For the next few weeks in Vancouver our focus will be on preparing for the 11-11 Gathering taking place in Vancouver in the beginning of November.  We are overwhelmed and overjoyed by the response of 25 Malaysians that are planning to come to this Gathering!  There will be many from other Nations that we have connected hearts with that will also be coming.  Please pray with us that all those that need visas to come to Canada will have visas released to them in time! Thanks!  We feel honored to be on this side now to help prepare for this time and to help host when the time comes.

Off to bed now as I’m still dealing with jet-lag!  Poor Jesse has only been able to sleep until 4:00AM the past two nights! Lots of fun!  😉

Much love,


for the three of us 🙂

Pray for Ellerie

Posted on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 in Missions and Outreach, People Abroad  |  Print

Aloha everyone.

I just wanted to write and let you all know I got back to Kona safe and sound. I’m sorry if I didn’t get a chance to say bye to some of you. It was really awesome to reconnect in fellowship and enjoy a long vacation! God was resting me up to prepare me for this next season. He wasn’t kidding when He gave me the word “DEPENDENCY” this past Vinepower. To make a long story short, I was asked by the school leader to be his assistant and help lead this school of 65 students and 13 staff. I don’t know what I was thinking when I said yes, but i felt the peace of God about it and that PAPA wants me to rise to this opportunity to sharpen and develop more leadership skills. I know it’s going to be challenging but that’s where the grace of God comes in. 

Pls. pray for discernment and wisdom as I help lead this school. For those that don’t know, Compassion DTS (Discipleship Training School) is a YWAM school that focuses on training young people for overseas missions with the interest of working with children at risk and the poor and needy in society. It’s 3 months lecture phase in Hawaii and 3 months outreach in a different country. I think our school will be sending to 7 different nations: Cambodia, India, possibly Afghanistan and other locations haven’t been announced yet. I would love to take a team back to Cambodia but my heart is also stirred for Afghanistan. Will keep you guys posted. Please pray for our staff, as half of them are new and still finding their place in ministry. Our staff is very diverse culturally(8 nationalities out of 13), so pls. pray for unity and for good communication to take place=)

Personally, I’m still transitioning emotionally. It’s weird to be full time in YWAM after working in the community for 2 years. I’m glad that we’ll still have community outreach as part of our DTS curriculum because I don’t want to stay in a Christian bubble!!

My heart’s desire is to function from that place of REST, no matter how much task lays ahead. Thank you for your prayers, love and fellowship. I miss you all and pray you are experiencing deeper measures of God’s love!!!!

Embracing the Grace of God for this season, Ellerie

Updates from Leongs Down Under

Posted on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 in Missions and Outreach, People Abroad  |  Print

Check out the latest in news from the Leongs and their adventures on their blog:   Read their stories and send them a note.  Also, don’t forget to continue to pray for them as God teaches and shapes their lives and uses them as vessels of His glory.

The Leong Family, Gabriel, Jenny and Isaac


Latest from the Ongkilis

Posted on Sunday, July 11th, 2010 in Missions and Outreach, People Abroad  |  Print

Alex, Marilyn and Jesse Ongkili are friends of Branches Fellowship and we, as a church, support their ministry in Malaysia and wherever the Lord leads them.  The following is their latest newsletter:

Greetings from Haida Gwaii (otherwise known as Queen Charlotte Islands)

We have just completed our first week of Kids’ camp!  We came back to civilization where we have internet access for one and a half days and then we heading back out to the camp (in just a few hours) for another full week of Teens camp.

Thank you so SO MUCH for your prayers for our first week.  It was a wonderful camp!  We had 30 children plus tent leaders, kitchen staff and so on.  The Lord really answered all of our prayers for good weather.  We had wonderful sunshine last week to the extent of almost using up all of the sunscreen.  😉  Now it’s quite cold, overcast and windy.  The forecast for the upcoming week is only between 12 and 16 degrees and pretty overcast and rainy.  We’d appreciate your continued prayers for warmer weather and not much rain so we can carry out the great activities planned for the teens.

The children all had such a fun time at kids’ camp and the Lord was with us in a very special way.  At least 8 children committed their hearts to God for the first time!  At the end of our last chapel night, 99% of all the people there recommitted their lives to the Lord and we had a sweet time of praying for each other and then rejoicing together.  It was amazing to see even little 8 and 9 year olds with tears going down their cheeks and a big smile on their faces as they were totally overwhelmed by the Lord’s presence and His incredible love for them.  It was so real and so precious!  One night, July 7th, we had a big “birthday celebration” as we celebrated the one year anniversary of the children who became Christians last year at camp.  It was wonderful!

Last week I (Marilyn)  got a wasp sting on my ankle.  Although it really hurt at the time, it seemed fine by nighttime.  The next morning though I had a lot of pain and a lot of swelling.  As the day went on, I was having real difficulties even walking.  Eventually I had to be driven about 45 minutes away to the hospital to get it checked out.  The doctor said that it was not at all an allergic reaction.  But, what had happened was the wasp that stung me had some kind of bacteria on its stinger so that when it stung me it shot it into me and then it grew into a terrible infection.  My foot swelled up so badly that I had “lost” both bony ankles on either side of my foot.  I was so puffy and so red and it was quite painful to walk.  It took almost 3 days for the medication to make a noticeable difference.  It looks like it is finally making some progress now.  The Lord has been faithful though through this time, even though it’s been challenging.  I’d be very grateful for your prayers for 100% healing.  It’d sure be great to be pain-free and to be able to run around with everyone again.

So, thanks again for all your prayers.  For this coming week, we expect to have almost 30 teenagers at camp, plus a bunch of young adults as leaders.  Please pray for Alex and I as we have just one day to refuel, before speaking again at another 8-10 chapel times.  Pray that the Lord would really speak through us.  Please also pray for great weather, safety for everyone and continued healing for my foot.  We really, REALLY appreciate your prayers!

With love,

Alex, Marilyn and Jesse

Update from Jennifer Kwan – September

Posted on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 in Missions and Outreach, People Abroad  |  Print

Thank you all again so much for all of your prayers and support as i’m pursuing the Chronological School of Biblical Studies (CSBS) course with Youth With A Mission Los Angeles (YWAM LA)!  i just finished my first week and a half of class and WOW it has been so intense.  i knew there would be so much work and expected it, but OMG!

so far our class has covered the book of John and Philemon to get a grasp of how we’ll approach studying the Word of God this year.  And this week passed we just finished going over the book of Genesis…going over every chapter in detail and researching the history behind the book. and from here on out ’til the end of the school year, we’ll be going through the rest of the Bible chronologically!  it’s been amazing learning the Word of God like this and also researching about the original authors & original readers of each book.  it brings the Scripture to light on a totally different level.  it’s been a dream come true being able to do study Holy Bible like this.