C’YA and ROOTS Christmas Gathering

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The College/ Young Adults and the Married couples celebrated Christmas together with dessert and gift exchange.  Here are some pictures of the fun!

C’YA vs. ROOTS Bowling

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C’YA and ROOTS had a fun night of bowling with a little competition and friendly interaction.

The winners!

More winners…

ROOTS February Update

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Hello fellow ROOTS!!

THANK YOU to many of you who came out to support Lai and her family at the funeral this past weekend.  She was truly touched and encouraged by  your love!  We are missing George and his zeal for life….but we know he is dancing with the Father now in heaven…what an awesome time for him!!   No more sickness, no more pain, no more sadness!!   Wow!   We look forward to seeing George again someday!!

We also want to wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!  All you lovebirds out there….we hope you will have a special time enjoying each others company and sharing the love in your own unique way!   If you would like a fun idea, thanks to Rhodalynn and Rialyn for their recommendation, I have attached a link to a fun date idea .  Willie and I tried it during our anniversary celebration last week and had a lot of fun exploring each others thoughts! All you do is print it out and follow the instructions…very simple!!  Also, since we were not able to officially meet together for ROOTS this month, you can also use this idea as your husband and wife sharing/praying time.  You WILL learn something new about each other!! Have fun with it!

We also wanted to shout out a “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” this month to Mark and Susan ( 22 years – Feb 18) and David and Amy (5 years- Feb 25).  We are encouraged to see you living out your vows to one another and for continuing to invest in your marriage….may the Lord continue to be in the center of your lives!

In the month of March, we will be continuing with our DVD series “Sacred Marriage”.   Tony and May are also planning an upcoming family outting which might take place either in March or April.  Keep a look out for more info to come!

If you have any ideas or feedback in regards to ROOTS, please feel free to share them with us.  We welcome your input and anything you would like to offer!

ROOTed in Christ,

Fay & Willie

ROOTS Fellowship Update

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Beginning November, the ROOTS Married Couples will begin a new DVD series called “Sacred Marriage” by Gary Thomas.  ROOTS meets every SECOND Friday of the month at church.

Here is a little excerpt:

“Your marriage is much more than a union between you and your spouse, it is a spiritual discipline ideally suited to help you know God more fully and intimately.  Sacred Marriage shifts the focus from marital enrichment to spiritual enrichment in ways that can help you love your mate more.  Whether it is delightful or difficult, your marriage can become a doorway to a closer walk with God.”

“Everything about your marriage—everything from the history you and your spouse create, to the love you share, to the forgiveness you both offer and seek by turn—is filled with the capacity to help you grow in Christ’s character.  This six session DVD will equip you to love God more passionately, reflect the nature of his Son more precisely and fulfill God’s overarching purpose for your marriage.”

ROOTS “Date Night”

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A big THANK YOU to Victor and Debby for hosting and cooking for the ROOTS “Date Night.”  It was a wonderful time!

ROOTs Having Fun!

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Our first ROOTs gathering after a break for the summer was all about having some fun together.  Willie and Fay planned some challenging but fun activities.  Bill and Donna provided some great refreshments and all of us had a fun time together.  Here are some pictures of our zany activities:



Our next ROOTS gathering in October will be at the home of Victor and Debby in Temple City.    ROOTS meets monthly on the second Friday of each month.  For more information about this group, please contact Willie and Fay Wong.  Hope to see you there next time!

ROOTS Couples Enjoy Weekend to Remember

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Couples from Branches attended Family Life’s “Weekend to Remember” Conference in Pasadena this past weekend.  650 people gathered at the Hilton to focus on receiving what God had to say to us concerning our marriages and our families.  We had a wonderful time together and the teaching and messages were very encouraging.  God blessed us, and we encourage others to attend this conference next time.  It’s really worth it!


Front Row: Jettons, Chaos, and Chaos (Jeffrey and Anne, Jenny’s brother and sister-in-law)

Second Row: Wongs, Kwoks, and Wus

ROOTS Gathering Calendar

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The following are the meeting dates and locations for this year’s ROOTs Fellowship:

March 12 at Mark and Susan Wu’s home

April 9 at Gabe and Jenny Leong’s home – CANCELLED

May 14 at Chan and Jenny Chao’s home

June 11 at Pastor Daniel and Lily Kwok’s home

July 9 at Bill and Donna Lau’s home

August 13 at Church

September 10 at Victor and Debby Lee’s home

October 8 at Tony and May Eng’s home

November 12 at Church

December 10 at Church


Weekend to Remember Retreat

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ROOT couples have signed up to attend the Weekend to Remember Retreat in Pasadena, June 4-6. 

“Weekend to Remember” – 2010 Schedule

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Couples, I want to encourage us all to plan to attend a “Weekend to Remember” Conference hosted by FamilyLife Ministries. I want to share some dates for you to consider:

3/26-3/28 at the Ventura Beach Marriott in Ventura

4/09-4/11 at the Ventura Beach Marriott in Ventura

4/30-5/02 at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine

5/21-5/23 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Ontario

6/04-6/06 at the Pasadena Hilton in Pasadena

All the conferences are on the weekend and cost is $129/person.  Financial assistance is available through Branches upon request.  These are only a few of the more local sites.  For more information, go to  Willie and Fay attended just recently, so feel free to talk with them about this marriage building experience.