College/Single Young Adult Gathering

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The College and single Young Adults had a wonderful gathering at Vincent Wang’s new apartment in Fullerton.  The group enjoyed dinner together at In-N-Out before going to the apartment for an evening of fellowship.  Big thanks to Vincent for hosting and for Jen for leading the fellowship.

C’YA and ROOTS Christmas Gathering

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The College/ Young Adults and the Married couples celebrated Christmas together with dessert and gift exchange.  Here are some pictures of the fun!

C’YA and TWYG Ladies

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The C’YA and TWYG ladies got together for a night of fellowship and bonding.

C’YA Christmas Dinner and White Elephant

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Fun times at the C’YA Christmas Dinner and White Elephant Gift exchange at the home of the Jettons.

Photos courtesy of Stacy Guan

C’YA Thanksgiving Dinner

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A big THANK YOU to Chan and Jenny Chao for opening their home and hosting the C’YA Thanksgiving dinner this past Saturday.  There was lots of food, fellowship, and fun.

C’YA’s Bike Ride Fun

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C’YA Group Bike Ride at Venice Beach

Jeannie and Chris

Godwin and Angel

The College/Young Adults (CYA)

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The College and Young Adult Group is a diverse group of singles and college young adults.  The group meets informally for socials and activities.  It’s group leaders are Godwin Chua and Angel Chon.

Tatiana and Jamie

The Group at Vinepower 2010

Stacy and Jen

Liz and Wai

Godwin and John Chan

Anna and Linda

Frank and Chris

Godwin, Tatiana, Jamie, Angel

Nancy and Phillip

Tatiana and JK (Jennifer)

Edrienne and Ellerie

John Chan, Linda, Godwin

Michelle and Stacy

Michelle, Anna, Stacy, Jamie, Jen

Edrienne, Jamie, Angel, Stacy, Anna, Kyle, Cory, Albert, Godwin