Word of Praise to God!

This afternoon, I just came from my doctor’s office and he told me about the MRI 
and PET/CT Scan results that I am now cancer free.  I am so happy right now that 
God has giving me a second chance to live.  Most importantly, I am very grateful 
for all your support and prayers.

At this point moving forward, I am trying to live a healthier life style with a 
healthy diet and exercise.  I am still experiencing side effects from the 
treatments such as loss of hearing (low noise), dry mouth, loss of taste, loss 
of appetite and very mild lymphedema.  My energy level has been good.  It is 
about 80% normal.  The doctor said that most of my side effects will improved 
slowly but they will not returned 100% back to normal.  My current condition is 
tolerable and I just have to accept my new life and count my blessing every 
day.  Once again, THANK YOU all for your support and prayers.