TWYG Bible Study Review – Ch. 2,4,5

Here are some highlights from this weeks Bible Study in Daniel Chapters 2,4,5:

1.  Only God knows the future.  That is why all of the king’s “wise” men could not tell him what the dream was nor it’s interpretation.  The kingdom that will strike down all the previous kingdoms will last forever because it is not man made.  It is the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

2.  Response to a Crisis:  Like a spoiled child, Nebuchadnezzar responded to the crisis by issuing an unreasonable command.  Those who could give him what he wanted were instantly rewarded and were in his good grace.  Those who couldn’t give him what he wanted were cut to pieces.  The behavior of spoiled christians is to demand that God instantly grant all their wishes without taking actions on their own parts.  If God grants their wishes, they praise Him and if not, they reject Him.  Daniel responded to the crisis by first taking actions to find out the details so that he could pray about it appropriately.  Once he knew the details, he gathered his friends to pray with him, humbly asking God to reveal His will.  

3.  Problem Solved:  Once Nebuchadnezzar got his answer, he immediately fell to the floor and bowed down to Daniel.  He was worshiping the messenger rather than the God who gave the message.  Daniel responded by praising God first and giving Him all the credit.  Even before the king, he confessed that no man can do what Nebuchadnezzar demanded, only God can know the answers.  

4.  What is your response to crises?  Do you behave like a spoiled christian or do you humble yourself first and ask for God’s mercy and for His will to be done, not yours?  When God gives you the ability and wisdom to accomplish something, do you remember to give the credit to God or do you pat yourself on the back?

5.  When Nebuchadnezzar was given the second dream, he responded to God’s command by procrastinating.  Even after God’s punishment was carried out, it took him another seven years before he finally confessed his sins and acknowledged the only true God.  Have you made a habit of procrastinating when it comes to doing God’s work, or reading His word, or spending time in prayer, or sharing the gospel with that one friend or relative that you’ve been wanting to for a long time?  There’s no guarantee that God will give you time.  Remember Belshazzar and the writing on the wall?  God gave him over to the enemy the same night.

6.  You may be “small” but God is bigger than anything in this world and He can accomplish great things through you, if you are willing.  Daniel was just a humble servant, but his faith influenced one of the most powerful king of one of the most powerful empire in history.  Through his faith, God used Daniel to bring Nebuchadnezzar to his knees and to eventually believe in God.  As chapter 4 shows, the powerful king even wrote a letter to all his unbelieving subjects confessing his sins and proclaiming the one true God.  You never know what mighty things can be accomplished or how many people will be changed because you are not afraid to demonstrate your faith.  

As you read chapters 3 and 6, remember to pray for understanding and for God to show you what He wants you to learn from them.  

See you on Wednesday,
Chan & Jenny