Summer of Increase

This summer, God has been working to increase the level of growth, maturity, and size of our ministry.  We have been fortunately to participate in a number of opportunities for God to minister and to work in and through our lives.  It has been an amazing and full summer filled with NOT just activities but life changing moments.

Our summer began with TWYG week.  The weeklong activities that combined ice-breakers, outdoor activities, sports, and community service.  The youth met new friends.  At the end of TWYG week and culminating the end of the school year, we honored the graduates with a special dinner. 

During the summer the TWYGS increased their understand of God’s word in the study of the Book of Daniel in their weekly Bible Study that was also combined with our Prayer Meeting.  The TWYGS experienced a new level of hearing God and interceding what was on His heart.  Throughout the summer, the TWYGS also took part in stepping out of their comfort zones while going Treasure Hunting.  There was an increase level of boldness and faith to share and minister the Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

By faith, in June, we sent Gabe, Jenny, and Isaac Leong to Australia to receive worship leading training at Hillsong School of Worship.  God is stretching their faith and their abilities.

By faith this summer, Jennifer Kwan went with her CSBS team to Dalian, China.  Imagine, the same location from where international students were ministered by our church a few years ago.

By faith, Chan and Jenny Chao went to Mexico as part of a medical missions team to serve.  By faith, Ellerie has gone back to Kona Hawaii to staff a Compassion DTS.

We had a wonderful time of fellowship throughout the summer whether it was Sunday lunches, BBQ’s or gatherings at Tokeshi-Torres’, Chao’s, Wu’s, Eng’s, Jetton’s or the Kwok’s.   The Men’s basketball on Thursday night grew in which we saw regularly 18-21 guys come out to play.  Through this, we have come to meet new friends as well as connect with old ones too. 

We received great news of Nelson’s cancer recovery and his inspiring testimony of God’s grace in his life.  Leading to his baptism as part of Vinepower weekend.  We also received the answered prayer over Grace’s thyroid problem.

We were thoroughly challenged by Firestorm with not only inspiring teaching but the activation to step out boldly, to minister healing and seize our inheritance as God’s children, and to release the joy of the Lord in our spirit. We were encouraged by God’s answered prayers.  Lily’s leg miraculously grew and others also received a touch from the Lord.

Following the Firestorm we had the Relationship Seminar.  God opened our eyes to the realities of premarital sex and God’s desire for healthy and restored relationships.  It was a time of healing, breaking of bondages, and restoring his plan for our lives.

Firestorm was also a preparation for the Cambodia Outreach Team (Team Brambo) that made such an impact upon the people of Battambang.  We were able to send a team of 8 to Cambodia for two weeks.  During those two weeks while working with children, the hearts of the team members’ deepened and the vision broadened for what God is doing in the nations.  Words cannot describe the impact the experience has made upon the 8 that went.  Their lives will never be the same.

We witnessed the baptism and testimonies of George Yu, Nelson Yip, and Dillon Eng.  The baptisms were a defining moment for each of their spiritual journey with Christ… a place of expressing of commitment to Jesus not only as our Savior but Lord.

We had the completion of the Life in Christ discipleship by Alex Ye and several others who have completed the book but only to take the final.  Jonathan Zapata gave his life to the Lord when he received Jesus Christ.

We welcomed new friend Chris Lee, welcomed back Frank Ng from Afghanistan.

We were encouraged by everyone who was attempting to read through the entire Bible prior to Vinepower.  Lily, May and Tony all read through the Bible in the 40 days prior to Vinepower. In the end, whether you read one book of the Bible or completely, you are taking steps to build your relationship with God.

Micah, Grace, David, Helen, Jamie, Jen, Stacy, May, Christina, Michael all grew in participating to help lead worship on Sunday morning and at Vinepower.

We concluded the summer with Vinepower, the ministry of Ron Williams with another group of 64 attendees.  It was a valuable time to connect with God through his word and what he wants to do in our lives concerning our relationship with Him.

All these things over these past 3 months, no matter how great or small they appear to be, have had an effect in increasing our faith and deepening our relationship with God and one another.

May God be praised!

Pastor Daniel