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Hello Everyone!

Greetings from both Malaysia and Canada!  Yes, that is because Alex is in Malaysia and Jesse and I are in Canada.

We’ve had a wonderful time in Malaysia.  We walked through many exciting doors that the Lord opened.  Our plan was for all three of us to return to Vancouver on the 20th but last minute we changed Alex’s ticket so he could stay back in Malaysia an extra ten days.  This is because there was a leaders’ Gathering scheduled for the end of this month that we thought was  important for Alex to attend.  Once we changed his ticket, several new speaking engagements opened up for Alex so there were plenty of exciting confirmations that this was the right move.

For the next few weeks in Vancouver our focus will be on preparing for the 11-11 Gathering taking place in Vancouver in the beginning of November.  We are overwhelmed and overjoyed by the response of 25 Malaysians that are planning to come to this Gathering!  There will be many from other Nations that we have connected hearts with that will also be coming.  Please pray with us that all those that need visas to come to Canada will have visas released to them in time! Thanks!  We feel honored to be on this side now to help prepare for this time and to help host when the time comes.

Off to bed now as I’m still dealing with jet-lag!  Poor Jesse has only been able to sleep until 4:00AM the past two nights! Lots of fun!  😉

Much love,


for the three of us 🙂