Walking in FULFILLMENT not in Potential


Pastor Daniel


This is the word that the Lord has been encouraging us with, as we walk with Him in these days.  These are days and times in which we are no longer walking in “POTENTIAL” but in the “FULFILLMENT” of God’s plans and purposes for our lives.  Through our Sunday messages over the pulpit as well as through our devotional reading, God has been speaking to us about a need to shift in our mentality and mindset, and a shift in perspective from one of “waiting and hoping for” to one of “walking and living in.”  You can say it is like looking at our lives as “half full and getting fuller” rather than “half empty and staying that way.”

God wants to enrich our lives.  Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” In Christ Jesus, our lives have been redeemed to experience the fullness of what God intended when He created us….(relationship, fruitfulness, multiplicity, authority and dominion).

We have the tendency to say to ourselves, “well, things don’t look any different to me,” “my circumstances haven’t changed,”  “things haven’t gotten better for me,”  “it’s just what it’s going to have to be.”  These thoughts most likely have crossed our minds concerning our lives or circumstances.

Let me tell you that the force at work to tell us lies and cause doubt of God’s will for us continues to be at work today.  However, in Christ, we don’t have to accept those lies and we don’t have to walk in doubt or fear.  We are victorious in Christ and the battle has been won!  Everyday, we have the opportunity to CHOOSE to receive and to walk in all that Christ has done for us to redeem and to restore our lives.  We don’t have to be held back anymore, and we don’t need to continue to walk in a hope of a FUTURE that God desires for us to experience TODAY by His grace.

Our circumstances may very well be the same, but it is exactly this mentality that keeps us at bay.  Jesus frequently chastised his disciples for a lack of faith.  In Matthew 17:20, Jesus said, “Because you have so little faith.  I tell you the truth, if you have faith, as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible with you.”   When we hold onto this system of belief that sees our lives circumstantially, and only from a earthbound perspective, we lock ourselves out of what God wants to do in our lives even us as so-called “believers.”

It is hard to change perspectives when we may have been living in such a way for a long period.  It was no different as with the people in Moses’ day.  They could not get past their mindset and ways of living under the bondage of Egypt.  Eventually, a whole generation needed to pass until Joshua and his generation rose to walk in faith and in the fulfillment of God’s promises for them.

To walk in “fulfillment,” we need faith in God, in who He is, and in what He says in His Word concerning His promises and purposes.  Each one of us needs to shift our mentality and outlook if we haven’t already done so.  We need to awaken to what the Spirit of God is saying.  We need to recognize and embrace a “DIFFERENT SPIRIT,”  the spirit of a Joshua and a Caleb and the people of their generation, for our lives today and in the days to come.  This different spirit is about a faith in God that is tenacious, unrelenting, believing and trusting in the promises and purposes for us both corporately as well as individually.  It is about moving forward in obedience with each direction and step He wants us to take and to seize all that God has for us.  There might be battles to engage but with God nothing is impossible.  God wants to bless His work in the Church and in each and every one of us no matter what stage of life we may be or the circumstances that may exist.

Many of us may look at our lives and say that we have not much, nothing to offer, no big dreams, no earth shattering experiences, not much in terms of gifts or abilities and say, “how is God going to bring fulfillment through me?”  If only we have a spirit of faith, “nothing is impossible with you”…not nothing is impossible with God but with YOU.  Go back and read Matthew 17:20 again.

Furthermore, God wants us to begin to look at our lives not from our perspective but rather from His.  You see, He does not see us like we see ourselves.  Remember David in the Bible, when David saw himself as just a shepherd boy, God saw him as a king.  When Peter saw himself as someone who had failed Jesus, Jesus saw him as one through whom His church was to be established.  Throughout the Bible, God has taken ordinary men and women and have transformed their lives and have given them experiences far beyond what they could have imagined.  God is no different with you and I today.  God wants to transform our lives, take all that we give to him and turn it around that we may truly experience life, real life and life in full.

As we learned in Billy’s message two weeks ago from the Parable of the Talents, we must take what we have been given and put it into either action or practice.  We walk in fulfillment when we take what we have been given and use it for God’s kingdom.  Everyone of us has been given talents, gift, and abilities each according to the uniqueness of how God has created us.  Remember that although not everyone of us might be equal in terms of gifts and abilities, everyone can be equal in effort.  Our talents and abilities are meant to be expressed and not hid away.

Joshua and his generation showed us how it was to walk in faith and to lay hold of God’s promises one step at a time.  Let us have the same spirit of Joshua and Caleb and the generation that walked by faith in God. If you want to see the full picture, read the beginning of the Book of Numbers and the Book of Joshua.  May we learn through Joshua and his generation.  Remember, fulfillment is not a matter of waiting passively for God make something happen, but rather fulfillment is actively walking in step with what God wants to do in our lives NOW.