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Vinepower 2011 – Soaring Together

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Vinepower 2011 was an amazing time at the Calvary Chapel Conference Center.  Change is taking place… “New things, I declare.”  (Isaiah 42:8,9)  Pastors Daniel and Lucy Cheung from Church of Zion, Vancouver, Canada, was with us to teach, to share, and to “coach” us to soar together.  The presence of the Lord was with us in the worship… “Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me.”  His Spirit was moving to speak and to reveal God’s heart and will.  “I am with you.  I will unfold my plan as you walk in unity.  I will unfold my plan as you walk in my presence.”  Therefore, forsake all wicked ways… “let go of all offenses.”  God is declaring a NEW DAY for Branches.  We are a family of God.  We live to complement each other and to help each other to soar.  “He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.”  (Malachi 4:6)

Vinepower was “SATISFYING”

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Praise God for a wonderful time of sitting in the Word and wisdom from our speaker, Dr. Ron Williams. God’s presence and ministry were evident in the encounter individuals had with Him as we focused on His desire to satisfy the hunger and thirst that is in our soul. Satisfaction is not something derived from that which goes on about us but rather from that which goes on from within us.  Satisfaction is found in God’s lovingkindness, in His trustworthiness, the goodness of his house, and the reception of his benefits.  Life’s Highest Delight or Satisfaction will only come from the Shepherd, God himself.  Will we allow God to be the provider while we will be content with him?  To be content is to be satisfied with God. It is a choice that we make each day.  We are challenged to put down the paintbrush and to allow God to finish painting the mural of our lives.  To be satisfied is to be hidden under the the shadow of his wings.  

Here are some pictures of time this weekend:

Our “unofficial” Vinepower group picture

The ROOTs Fellowship Group

The C’YA Group




















Vinepower 2010

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Our Vinepower Retreat will be held on Friday, September 3 to Sunday, September 5.  The retreat will be at Pine Summit.  Dr. Ron Williams will be our speaker and our theme is “Life’s Highest Delight.” Registration is now over.  There will NOT be a Church Worship Service at Branches on Sunday, Sep 5.

VinePOWer 2009: Refresh, Renew, Restore

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VinePOWer 2009 was a POWerful weekend that touched many lives through the love of God.  God revealed His heart through the preaching of the Word and the demonstration of His power to set lives free and to bring healing and deliverance.  God used the various members of the body both young and old to speak words exhortation and encouragement.  It was an unprecedented gathering as we trusted the Spirit of God to lead and to direct our Vinepower this year.  We did not have an outside speaker but we believed that the Holy Spirit himself would be our speaker, and that He did through the Leadership team and other members of the Body.  Messages were given by Michelle on the heart of the Father, Billy on the power of God in the life of Samson.  We had the activation of the prophetic ministry in which a number of people participated to give and to receive prophetic ministry.  The worship times ushered in the presence of God to prepare us for each of the sessions.  In the end, it was the obedience of God’s people to respond to what He was saying in our hearts that released the power and move of His spirit.  Five (5) people accepted Jesus for the very first time.  Five other people were baptized and many others were ministered to by God.  The weekend was also highlighted by the recognition of the generations and the exhortation to walk together and the renewing of the dreams and visions God has placed on our lives.  The following pictures reflected some of the moments of our time together.    



One of the many group pictures




Getting ready for pictures


New friends together!


New friend, Michael with Bill


Q&A Workshop on Christianity


Our baptisms this year – Justin, Ervin, Tatiana, Kayla, and Matt


Worship in His presence


Time Together


The older guys…


Hungry people in line


Happy Girl!


Human Foosball action


Family Time






Feeding, nurturing, loving


Having fun together!



Our new friends!


Good old friends!


Aren’t we a crazy bunch!