Update from Jennifer Kwan – September

Thank you all again so much for all of your prayers and support as i’m pursuing the Chronological School of Biblical Studies (CSBS) course with Youth With A Mission Los Angeles (YWAM LA)!  i just finished my first week and a half of class and WOW it has been so intense.  i knew there would be so much work and expected it, but OMG!

so far our class has covered the book of John and Philemon to get a grasp of how we’ll approach studying the Word of God this year.  And this week passed we just finished going over the book of Genesis…going over every chapter in detail and researching the history behind the book. and from here on out ’til the end of the school year, we’ll be going through the rest of the Bible chronologically!  it’s been amazing learning the Word of God like this and also researching about the original authors & original readers of each book.  it brings the Scripture to light on a totally different level.  it’s been a dream come true being able to do study Holy Bible like this.