North American Gathering in Toronto

    A Reflection of the North American Gathering Feb 16-18 2015

As I reflect upon our gathering in Toronto, I am overwhelmed with joy and in praise of our Lord for all that we experienced and shared together. I thank the Lord for the richness of His presence with us, for without Him, none of what we experienced would have happened. No one could have planned or imagined such a powerful and spirit-filled gathering. It was beyond our imagination and expectations. It was truly an honor and a privilege for all of us to come together. We recognized also that not everyone could come, so we honor and remember those relationships as well.

Yes, the Father was drawing us to Himself as well as to one another. All 70 of us came together despite the record breaking freezing temperatures. It was great to see the family of God come from all over North America: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Maryland, D.C., Texas, British Columbia, and Ontario. For some of us it was a warm reunion and for others it was meeting the family for the very first time. It was a blessing to have spiritual fathers and mothers to be with us: Gideon Chiu, Lucy Cheung, Lydia Wong, and Fred and Molica Hsu. This gathering was not just for the Asian family, but we openly welcomed our Caucasian brothers and sisters from Canada as well as our brother and sister, Walter and Myra Rayo, originally from Nicaragua whom we believe to be a prophetic seed of what is to come. We were so blessed to have this diversity in our midst, and we pray that this would continue to grow to include other ethnic groups. We truly felt that Walter and Myra are seeds of what is to come. Papa Fred prayed that you can count the number of seeds in an apple, but you cannot count the number of apples that comes from a single seed when it fully matures. We look forward to what is to come.

A heartfelt word of appreciation and gratitude to Steve and Esther Chua and their All Nations House of Prayer family as well as Jason and Emily Liu and their Fountain of Life family and Samuel and Helen Cheng of the Full Gospel Businessmen for hosting, serving, housing, translating, leading in worship, and providing delicious meals for all of us. They were an amazing blessing to us. In the end, we recognized that the foundation of what we experienced in those three days had been sown in the spirit through the many years of prayer and intercession of these ministries. It was no coincidence that we met in Toronto.

We experienced such joy and freedom as we worshipped and danced together. We felt our Heavenly Father was delighting in the joy of His children. As we worshipped, Michael Pierce shared a revelation that we were not worshipping in order to go deeper, but that in our worship, we were already in the deep. We enjoyed fellowship with one another as we ate great food and even had a special hotpot dinner in celebration of Chinese New Years. It was amazing. Papa Gideon and Papa Fred led us to openly share with the group our lives along this Kingdom journey and what an honor it has been to walk together. In addition, we shared how the core values of this Kingdom journey (see last page) have come to impact our lives. Ultimately, we were just enjoying ourselves as human “beings” and not having to be human “doings.” It was great to laugh, to sing, and even to cry with each other as the Lord touched our hearts. We had come to love and to be loved by the Father and through one another.

When we had arrived, we had a limited idea of just enjoying our Heavenly Father and one another, but in the end, the Lord led us into a deeper and rich experience to pray, to intercede, to declare, and to contend for the Kingdom of God over North America and for one another. On one occasion, as we were worshipping the Lord led us to pray and bless the spiritual fathers and mothers of Ontario, Canada. The Lord moved through the Chinese to gather around the group and to pray for a fresh release of His Spirit to bring unity over the Body of Christ in the province.

Moreover, on one of our evenings, the Lord led the spiritual fathers and mothers of Toronto in humility to repent over the human failings of the Toronto blessings. One by one each repented, “how in the end, we sought His hand and not His face and His power and not His presence,” and to ask for the Spirit’s forgiveness for limiting Him. We do not want to put the Holy Spirit in a box. We invited the Holy Spirit to come once again in a fresh and new way. It was no coincidence that Papa Gideon, who was led in the Spirit to roar as the Lion of Judah over the dragon of China during the Toronto meetings, was with us in this significant moment. I believe there was something significantly released in the spirit.

The Lord led us to a number of prophetic acts to express what God had placed within us. It was revealed that Toronto means “gathering place,” but it also means trees standing along waters edge or in water. As a result, we were led by the Spirit as representatives from the east and the west to come like a wave to crash over Toronto and representatives of Ontario with a fresh outpour of His Spirit upon the land. In a prophetic act, we formed two lines, one with those who came from the east and one with those who had come from the west. In the middle were those from Toronto and Ontario. Simultaneously, the two lines of waves came crashing together upon the representatives of the land. Some were filled with the Holy Spirit as a result and could hardly get up.

Following the prophetic acts, the Lord led us to pray for a fresh release and roar from the younger generation, for we know the heart of the Father is to connect the older and the younger generation as stated in Malachi 4:5,6. Our intercession is that the Lord would raise up a generation that would roar against the principalities of darkness. Pastor Steve and Esther stood with their son John and embraced as a reflection of what God is doing to bring the hearts of the Father to their children and the hearts of the children to their Fathers. All were blessed both young and old by their transparency and love for each other.

Many of us had come from different streams within the Body. On another occasion, the Lord led us in a prophetic act to use different colors of long crepe fabric to represent the different streams within the Body. For example, those who were influenced by the Pentecostal movement, Mainline evangelical, Azusa Street revival, the Anabaptist, Latter Day Rain, Vineyard, Charismatic movement, and so on. We stood in lines of our different streams and then we began to move about the room crossing over and under and interweaving. Ultimately we united all the various spiritual streams into one under the crown of our Lord Jesus Christ. We built a tabernacle of David that represents the presence of God and the unity of all the streams that flow together. We were led to bless the heart of the Lord who is bringing the Body together to answer the prayer of the Son in John 17 and to prepare the Bride for His return.

On another occasion while worshipping, we received a text that a key Christian political leader was in the midst of an important interview. Together we contended in one heart and in one spirit and a potential detrimental situation was averted to the glory and praise of our Lord! Moreover, we prayed and blessed political and educational leaders who had come visit us. We had realized that no longer were we standing for our own national allegiances of Canada and America, but rather, we were standing and contending as the Kingdom of God against the kingdom of darkness. The borders between the nations of this continent have been erased and it is now kingdom against kingdom as the issues are the same whether it is Canada or America. This sentiment is reflected in how the First Peoples viewed the land of North America as one and not with political boundaries.

Core Values of the Homecoming Journey shared at our Gathering
1. We will not initiate on our own accord. We seek God’s presence. We learn to corporately wait and listen upon the Lord. It is a posture as sons and daughters that we know our Father. We do not do just because we have a need. Our structure is flexible in order to allow the Holy Spirit to lead.
2. We are here because of relationships. Although our relationships may be at various levels, it’s because of relationships that we stand together in all seasons of life, for better and for worse. This is a family journey, not a movement. Our pursuit is not a movement but our pursuit is His presence. As we establish relationships, blessings flow. In our relationships, we learn to:
a. Never be offended – Do not allow anything to cause offense. If I am wrong, I apologize. If people say I am wrong, I apologize.
b. Always find responsibility over the next person – We care for one another.
c. Never defend for yourself
3. We are not the only ones who are doing good things. There are many excellent ministries all around. However there are times when the Lord calls for a critical mass to gather for His appointment purposes. It’s not about how many but just enough.
4. We learn to trust God and trust one another. Trust is not from analysis or agreement but established through relationships. God will always reward our faith and not necessarily our needs.
5. We are called to be fathers and mothers. We learn to be fathers and mothers by learning to be sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. We rejoice in seeing others rise up and be blessed especially the generations walking hand in hand.
6. We lay down our titles. We are all needed. No matter the size of our congregations, length of service, or our titles, we are all simply needed. Leaders are not there to do but to protect what God wants to do.
7. We come not to get but to bless our Heavenly Father.
8. We function as family.
a. A key has been given to the family of nations not just China and like the Canadian geese aligned in formation along a journey, each nation takes their place to fulfill the Lord’s purposes.
b. The key of reconciliation into unity of the Body will release the greatest move.
c. The key of generational walk releases blessings into the land.

The experiences of the three days were so fulfilling. This report is an attempt to share what we experienced together. There is actually more. Ultimately, we believe that the Lord would call us to be together again soon. Before leaving, the Lord led us to make a covenant with one another. Every individual and family made a public declaration of commitment to walk together and much like a sand covenant, we used salt as a symbol of the blending together our individual lives into a common bowl to represent the whole. None of us could have planned all that we shared together in those three days. We truly felt a shift spiritually in North America because of the unity and oneness of heart that we shared. All praise, honor, and glory be to our Lord Jesus!

Daniel Kwok
West Coast Representative from Los Angeles
Branches Fellowship