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Switzerland Pre-Gathering 2015 Summary

Called upon the Lord to gather in the beautiful town of Emmetten, Switzerland, over 120 from among the nations came together for four days to enjoy the privilege of being in the presence of the Lord and in the fellowship with one another. Quite significant was the large number that made the sacrifice to attend this pre-gathering who had also attended the Kobe Gathering in Japan just a week earlier. This was a wonderful sign of the commitment to walk together for the purposes of our Lord for this hour.

The location of our gathering was divinely appointed, near the site of the birthplace of Switzerland. We were all greeted and warmly welcomed by Geri Keller, a spiritual father in the land and the German-speaking family. Rich in spiritual heritage, David Demian added that Reinhard Bonnke stated that Switzerland is known as “the Upper Room of Europe.” Of course, the Upper Room was the place where Jesus met his disciples. Significantly, Switzerland has been called to intercede for the nations. Our gathering was a time of worship and prophetic intercession for God’s heart for the nations, the German-speaking world and all of Europe.

Of the times and season we are in, no one clearly knows how we are to navigate through it but as David Demian has come to realize, we are in a totally different season, not just a notch up from the same. We have entered into a time where we move beyond words and comprehension. God is doing a “new thing.” David expounded how Isaiah 48:6-8,11 says that God will do a new thing that has not been known before that reflect the times we are living. What we encounter and experience will not be understood by what we have known or experienced before. “They are created now, and not long ago; you have not heard of them before today. So you cannot say, ‘Yes, I knew of them.’ You have neither heard nor understood.” It may sound unsettling, but as we walk with the Lord in faith and obedience, the Father Himself will bring revelation and understanding of what He is doing in and through the Body of Christ.

It is not difficult to see that we are witnessing the clash of the kingdoms at this hour in many parts of the World especially in the Middle East. As we worshipped together in one voice, we declared, “Arise O God, may your enemies be scattered.” We believe that as darkness increases in this hour, the light of the Kingdom of God will become even more increasingly great, for we will see a harvest like never before. It will not be like anything we have experienced or seen before, for God is doing a new thing. The end time harvest will result as the confrontation between the kingdoms clashing. In the harvest, God will release the fullness of the Gentiles. It will be more like catching the fish as they come rather than going out to attempt to fish.

Alignment with God and one another is critical. Relationship with the Father and with one another is and will always be key. Hearing and discerning the voice of the Lord will be a huge factor. The corporate unity of the Body of Christ will be critical in order to align with the heart of God. If the Body is divided or broken, it cannot function to fulfill God’s heart and purposes.

It is all about the Father’s heart. The gatherings are about the passion for Jesus and for one another. The gatherings are a tool or a channel of what God said in the first church, to come together with one heart, one spirit, and to love one another as a family. The fruit of this movement is evident in Japan and in China. Unity and love are vital. Unity is necessary so that the Holy Spirit can move. Hospitality and honor are key components of love.

The “family” is a key principle in what the Father is establishing. The old paradigm is the picture of passing the baton in which once the hand off occurs, the runner falls out of the race, and this is especially often applied from one generation to the next. However, the correct picture is not a passing of the baton, but rather like the formation of the Canadian geese, we take turns to lead but we all go together. No one drops out or is left out or left behind. We all continue to move together in the same direction. The geese that drop to the rear continue to quack to let the front geese know that they are still following.

No clearer picture of this heart for unity among the generations to run together than the travailing for the youth. The Holy Spirit was on Anna Demian to travail and to cry out for the younger generation to come, to come out, to call them home to the family, to come home. The call was for the broken youth back into the family. It was also a cry for the fathers and mothers to be there for them, to welcome them, and to embrace them. The heart cry was for a safe place to be established, to have a voice, and to be able to grow and to step into their fullness.

Moreover, the men repented to the Father and to the women for not willing to take the place of a true father to the women and the children. For being caught up in the self and doing just what is the minimum. Together, we repented on behalf of the men for being the reluctant father. We vowed to be present, to be vulnerable, to be all that God has called us to be. The men repented also to the women for not releasing the women to be the mothers in all that they have been called to be. These moves reflected what the Spirit is doing to deepen the heart of the family, the family of God.

We need to realize and affirm that this journey is about the family of God being together in the love and unity of Christ. This is not a vision with a family but a family with a vision. We come together not to accomplish a cause but we come together as a family first and foremost. It is only through relationships will we fulfill the heart of the Father.

Ultimately, this journey we are on is not just about Germany but the global move of God. It is releasing in the spirit God’s divine order for the end-times. It is the establishment of the “one new man” Paul talks about in Ephesians 2:15. It is the reconciliation between Jew and Gentile. It is more than just about Germany and the Jews, the Holocaust, the 70 years of bondage. It is more than just Jews and Arabs. Through the Reformation, the church was established. However, through the Reformation, there came a disconnection between our Jewish older brother and the Gentile brothers. In the heart of God, this relationship needs to be brought back into unity to become the one new man Christ had come to establish. We are preparing the Church to be fully that one new man.

In worship, we cried out, “Your bride is here waiting for your coming!” We long for the return of the Lord. We long for the readiness and completeness of the Body of Christ to be the Bride of Christ to welcome His return. “Come! Every tribe, every tongue, every nation!” We prophetically marched around the place. We travailed in prayer for the nations, and in unified declaration, lifted our voices with the cry of our hearts. We believe that even the small prophetic acts committed in the natural have ramifications in the spirit and fruit for generations to come. It only takes just enough to fulfill reconciliation. Remnant theology is reflected throughout Scriptures. Don’t question your place! You are needed!

Throughout our time together, we were free to sing, to dance, and to enjoy being with the Lord and being with one another. We experienced the presence of the Lord dwelling with us. As we continue on this journey, we are longing for the lingering presence of the Lord to go with us. Papa Geri exhorted us to “go and tend my sheep, the sheep of my nations.” 2015 will mark a transition, a bringing together the “one new man.” The invitation is for the nations to come together in Germany later this year and to help to strike the land. The Asian Gathering is to prepare the way by aligning the Asian nations to be ready for his purposes in Germany. Events will take place between now and then. This will be a foretaste of what is to come.