About Us

Branches Christian Ministries (Branches Fellowship) was birthed in 1987 by the move of the Holy Spirit.

In 1988, Branches Fellowship established its ministry in the City of Rosemead. Branches Christian Ministries was birthed with a vision to reach not only the growing Asian-American population in the San Gabriel Valley but to go forth into all the nations. Through the years, the ministry has been open to the culturally diverse peoples in this community.

Mission Statement

“Branches Fellowship is commited to a passionate pursuit of God, maturity in Christ, and the mission of evangelism through Biblically based teaching by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Core Values

Passion for God: We are committed to pursue God through personal and corporate worship, prayer, and devotion.

Biblically Based Teaching: We are committed to train, disciple, and to activate the Word of God for life.

Unity in the Holy Spirit: We are committed to one mind, goals; one heart, genuine relationships; one purpose, plans; and one worship, freedom.

Character and Integrity in Lifestyle: We are committed to demonstrate Christ-like character and behavior in life.

Spirit-Led Ministry: We are open to the work of the Holy Spirit through all the gifts and the empowerment for ministry and service.

Evangelism: We are committed to the call of the Great Commission in both local and world mission.

Intergeneration in Scope: We are committed to minister and reach people of all ages and ethnicities.

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